What WE Do

The company is working in designing and fabrication of PCBs in power electronic applications with flexibility to support customized application.


  • Energy converters: DCDC converter, DC AC converters such as UPS, Variable speed drives and battery chargers.
  • Switched Mode Power supply: Wide selection of specification subject to input and output specification.
  • IGBT/MOSFET Drives: We have a fixed sample #1 channel, #2channel and #6 channels to be picked directly, also if there are other specs, we also can fabricate it subject to the customer needs.
  • Signal Conditioning boards: Voltage and current sensors require signal conditioning and isolation, these are met by the available parts or can be specified and sent to us we fabricate them.
  • Digital signal processing boards: fabrication of customized design is available also, we support TI Delfino and Picclo DSPs other vendors also supported but after consulting technical department.
  • FPGA cards: Fabrication of FPGA boards from INTEL.

 PCB Design and Fabrication: The company team can design most of the electronic design application without any constraints on the design limits.The team can send the fully assembled PCB to the customer after sending the application.

requirement to us. Also, the mechanical design of the PCB is considered in our design in application with constraints on dimensions and mechanical assembly.

Ordering, submission and delivery:

You can register on the website and order the component You need and no need to worry about the availability, our supply chain will send products once fabricated assembled.

For the custom application, just fill in the forms available or send a description file with the form and we will process it and discuss your requirements within the next working business day.

Payment: Online Payment with PayPal. Also, Cash on delivery available in EGYPT.


Worldwide shipping by our shipper DHL and if others should be specified.

After Sale:

We guarantee the designed products if used carefully within the design limits. Also, before shipping the product it will be tested and sent with all the required documents with full clarification. If there is problem in usage, our team will support You till the product operation is fulfilled. Also, the resources will explain the usage of each product.